Peace Canyon Dam

A 32 year-old power dam in northern BC needed a roof upgrade and a skylight replacement.

re-roofing the Peace Canyon Dam

Topside was brought in to co-design the re-roofing project. The project specifications were centered on safety and risk reduction for both the people and building. Careful discussions with the owners and their engineers continued for two years. We ultimately determined that re-purposing the existing roof membrane to become the new vapour barrier would allow the risk of water intrusion on such a large, critical facility to be considerably reduced.

It was a demanding project that required cooperation and constant communication with several departments of Hydro along with the roofing contractor and sub-contractors. Several critical details of the final design came out of the due diligence discussions that we initiated.

The roof was successfully completed in 2012, and carries a 10-year guarantee.

Centre of Hope, FSJ

Alarming ice dam buildup. Topside was asked to specify a new roof system

Centre of Hope, FSJ - Before

A former hotel in Fort St John was repurposed to help those less fortunate. A major renovation to the building, especially for the heating, saw ductwork placed in the lo-slope attic. The resultant ice dam buildup was alarming. It also finished off the older roof. Topside was asked to specify a new roof system, and if possible, address the ice problem.

The plywood roof deck was too thin to meet current code, so this gave the team the opportunity to add ventilation under the new roof deck, using a novel, but logical, system. Details of intake and exhaust required sourcing some relatively unknown materials, and some careful attention to sequencing. The end result was new roof with 50 year shingles and no ice at the eaves; worth the extra effort.

Prince George Coliseum

This large arena had been structurally modified a few years after being built. Topside was asked if there was a way to address these problems in the re-roofing.

Prince George Coliseum roof

This large arena had been structurally modified a few years after being built to increase the snow load carrying ability. The exterior heavy steel truss had been conducting cold though every point load to the wood frame structure ever since. Other changes to the ventilation and airflow of this public building had caused hoar frost to collect on the underside of the wood deck during much of the winter. The roof had about R5 insulation directly below the very old tar and gravel roof. Topside was asked if there was a way to address these problems in the re-roofing.

Working closely with an architect, the team designed a much more robust roof system with R30 over the whole roof. To address the cold conduction of the RSS steel, the posts were insulated both inside and out with specialized products, in a detailed execution that prevented single line thermal stress on the heavy steel.

Two years later and the roof has not leaked and there have been no reports of frost anywhere.

Hudson Hope Medical Clinic

Leakage problems on the new roof were causing dangerous snow slides.

Roof repair and alteration <br>- Hudson Hope, BC: Medical Clinic.

The clinic is a modern facility with a continuous, translucent, multi-layer, sealed-unit skylight that runs from eaves to peak. The original design, unfortunately, lacked proper sealing and was unsuited for heavy snow accumulation. We helped specify and supervise a resealing of the panel system and the addition of a large snow diverter.

The building now works as designed, with tenants and visitors safe from potential harm.

Grande Prairie Aquatic Centre

The owner requested our input on the roof system in the early stages of the facility’s design.

 Aquatic Centre, Grande Prairie, AB<br>Roof Design

Noting some risky elements of the proposed roof assembly for this type of facility, we worked with the architect to specify an alternative approach. We recommended modern materials and methods that both reduced the risk of vapor drive into the insulated roof system and protected the neighbouring high school from obnoxious asphalt fumes.

Topside also inspected the foundation waterproofing, the building envelope, and the roof installation.

Killarney Court Apartments

The roof had failed twice. The owners needed a permanent solution on a tight budget.

Kinarney Court old roof membrane exposed

We traced the past failures to a poorly designed flat attic space, with a slight slope to centre and insufficient ventilation above the batt insulation. Vapor drive was coming through the attic, even through two layers of deck sheathing. We helped them add passive ventilation in the right locations and install a new roof overlay system that allowed the sheathing to breathe.

It was completed in 2014 – on budget and with a warranty to insure their future.

Tumbler Ridge Visitor Centre

The centre’s design authority requested us to consult on a new metal roof system.

BC roofing project: Tumbler Ridge

A solution was needed to work with the insulated sandwich panels (SIPS) already selected. We suggested a vented system that would severely reduce ice dams while still accommodating possible condensation collection in the air space above the panels. We also proposed amendments to the original flashing and membranes, making allowance for differential building movement owing to the building’s log framework.

Northwoods Mill

A large industrial complex in BC with 200 separate roof areas and a need for a long-term plan.

Prince George, BC: <br>Northwood Mill regular roof inspection

The owner wanted to be proactive about investing wisely into repairs and replacements for their aging mill. Our first assessment report gave them both a plan and annual budget recommendations. We’ve also done a five year re-inspection, to facilitate changes necessitated by weather damage.

The owner is now finding that having us inspect the roofing during installation will pay for itself by giving them a framework of evaluation for their contractor. They now feel fully confident that every year’s investment has the long-term future in mind.

Fort Nelson First Nation – Health & Wellness Centre

A concerned owner reached out in the late stages of facility project design.

Fort Nelson, BC: <br>Wellness Centre changes to roof design

We found the original design to be an ineffective fit for their expected weather conditions. We proposed changes to the insulation materials and installation methods, including full ventilation. This protected the roof system against the climatic tendency of extreme ice dams and condensation collection.

The roof was completed in early 2014 and now carries a full performance guarantee.

Chetwynd Rec Centre

The first cold snap of the year exposed some serious problems with their new addition.

Chetwynd BC, Rec. Centre building joint repair

We found that the joint line between the old and new sections was poorly detailed, with the result being that cold air was infiltrating and causing major frost buildup at building join lines. We issued a detailed specification for remedial repairs which, when completed, completely solved the issues of condensation collection.

The entire complex has also received new roofing, with a 10-year guarantee on all areas.

Pomeroy Centre

This new recreation complex developed major problems within its first five years.

Fort St. John, BC:<br>Pomeroy Centre roof upgrade / consultation

The building suffered from major leakage and significant condensation issues. We were brought in to assess the problem and recommend solutions. We provided them with a set of specifications to upgrade the roof of the main entrance, using insulation and a 2-ply SBS membrane. The main building has been repaired using sealant and increasing the airflow. 

The complex is presently problem free, and is guaranteed to remain so for 10 years from completion.