Centre of Hope, FSJ

Alarming ice dam buildup. Topside was asked to specify a new roof system

Centre of Hope, FSJ - Before

Centre of Hope, FSJ - Before

A former hotel in Fort St John was repurposed to help those less fortunate. A major renovation to the building, especially for the heating, saw ductwork placed in the lo-slope attic. The resultant ice dam buildup was alarming. It also finished off the older roof. Topside was asked to specify a new roof system, and if possible, address the ice problem.

The plywood roof deck was too thin to meet current code, so this gave the team the opportunity to add ventilation under the new roof deck, using a novel, but logical, system. Details of intake and exhaust required sourcing some relatively unknown materials, and some careful attention to sequencing. The end result was new roof with 50 year shingles and no ice at the eaves; worth the extra effort.

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