The calls that we get from owners often follow a common script: they need something done, but they’re not sure what.

We respond by asking clarifying questions (in regular English) to understand enough of the issue to confidently recommend the right first step.

That next step is often a site visit. We come out in person to determine the problem(s), possible causes, and the owner’s concerns. We document all of these in a detailed, highly‐readable report. (We’re strong believers in the importance of clear, relevant information.)

Suart Lake Hospital Roof - Early morning before the roofing crew arrived. Stuart Lake Hospital
- Fort St. James, British Columbia

The execution of the recommendations, whether repairs or replacement, are completed in full consultation with the owner. If the work is tendered out, we can take over the entire process or just whichever parts the owner needs assistance with.

Each step of the process has legal aspects that can produce consequences when omitted or changed. We do our best to educate owners on all these potentialities in advance of each decision. We also assist with writing the tender proposals and resulting contracts.

As any of the contractors have technical questions, we can issue responses and addendums as need be. Our approach means that owners see competitive prices, and that all bids are “apple‐to‐apple” comparisons.

For many owners, the selection and contract process involves a steep learning curve. We’re here for that, too. Once the owner opens the tenders, we offer our counsel on the various decisions involved. We also help with the flurry of official paperwork that often follows, including: letters of intent and regret; acceptance of bonds and schedules; and various other contracts.

In cases of new builds still being designed by an architect or engineer, we can assist the owner as an intermediary. This service takes various forms, such as acting as an extra set of eyes, as translators, or as QA advocates — whichever makes sense for the specific circumstance.

Our mandate, in all cases, is the same: to facilitate the most effective solution for the building and owner, with long term return‐on‐investment in mind.

* Most cases result in warranty of ten years. Specifics to be discussed during initial dialogue.

Other Services:

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