Roof Inspections

Our standard Roof Assessment Survey is made up of:

  1. A site visit, to define:
    • The problems, if any, being experienced with the roof.
    • The roof’s layout (including dimensions and penetrations). 
    • The roofing system used for original construction. 
    • Hidden conditions that might be causing present or future issues.
  2. A written report, which includes: x A general summary of the current roof conditions (including photographic evidence).
    • A judgment of whether replacement is needed or else what repairs will suffice. 
    • Our approximation of lifespan remaining, with / without repairs. 
    • A prospective budget to execute the recommendations provided.

When an owner invites us in before their roof develops noticeable problems, we can often recommend small, relatively inexpensive repairs that extend the service life of the roof for several years.

Completing an inspection early also allows for roof repairs to be approached strategically, leading to both more effective budgeting and defined scheduling that can minimize potential disruptions.

The money saved typically pays for both the inspection and higher‐quality features. Every quarter of proactivity is often worth a dollar of repair.

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