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There can often be a confusion of terms between consulting and project management. To us, the difference is usually the client’s level of awareness of their own needs. The service described here is for those who’ve already decided on a course of action and are now looking to execute it. (For those with only a vague sense that something needs to be done, see consulting.)

Our approach to project management can include the writing of original specifications, the tendering process, and/or supervision of the actual installation. What we end up doing depends wholly on the owner’s mandate.

We’re often brought on to inspect or supervise works in progress. This might involve a traditional inspection or update report, or acting as the owner’s agent for decisions on material/method selection. The latter is often true for project in which an existing roof is being removed, as what we find underneath is difficult to predict or fully plan for. Weather‐appropriate solutions often need to be decided upon on short, urgent timelines.

For new buildings, we’re often called upon to clarify design details, offer advice on change orders, and/or consult on the owners’ behalf with the design authority to proactively review the chosen system.

Northern Rockies Rec Centre

Northern Rockies Rec Centre

– Fort Nelson, BC – Roof Project underway

Why bring on Topside for project management?

  1. There is no warranty worth getting that doesn’t include an inspection by an independent professional with niche experience. These inspections provide financial protection to both the owner and the design authority, giving the insurer confidence that that the work was both designed and executed in accordance with the best practices for the specific location and system in question.
  2. The reports we submit provide an accurate record of the installation and all the challenges encountered. This documentation is invaluable for future alternations or additions. It can also be used to give insight in the event of unexpected problems in the future.
  3. In many cases, especially with large and complicated building, the workmanship of other trades will have an inadvertent impact on the final integrity of the roof. We find that we are often required to perform post‐final site visits to catch details that could have caused significant problems.

By ensuring the future performance of the roof, we can protect the owners’ investment, the design authorities’ reputation, and the roofers’ work and time. Preventing the need for warranty work is the best outcome for all parties involved.



Was your roof designed for northern conditions? Many never were. That's costly. We conduct roof-life assessments that, if done early, can save a fortune.


We use our experience to help owners choose the best possible design elements to match their budget, climatic conditions, and structural needs.

Project Management

We can oversee all roof-related duties on construction or renovation projects, ensuring best materials, methods, and overall costs.