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Topside Consulting is a firm that specializes in roof‐life repair, extension, and preservation.

With offices in Grande Prairie, AB and Dawson Creek, BC, Topside provides specialized expertise on industrial and commercial roofs in the unique climatic conditions of northern Canada.

Why Use Topside?

Topsides’ partners, Dick Van Genne and Mel Hoffart, each have decades of experience, not just in general roofing, but in specific fields revolving around complex installations and repairs.

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What have they learned that makes them worth hiring as consultants?

This is best answered with a specific example:

Prince George Coliseum

Prince George Coliseum Roof

R-Value Variance By Temperature

The “R‐value” of insulation is based on testing performed at specific temperatures common to moderate climates and conditions.

The problem is that, in real‐world conditions, the actual R‐value fluctuates between types. Even worse, these changes aren’t always linear (i.e, the functional performance of the insulation decreases dramatically within specific temperature ranges — including ranges common in the Peace Region and Northern Canada).

Making things more complicated, the same dynamic differences exist for water absorption, fire‐resistance, thermal movement, and other key rating characteristics.

What happens when your contractor chooses materials and methods based on manufacturer recommendations that aren’t grounded in relevant conditions? Failure, sooner or later.

In most cases, your original design authority may not have the niche expertise to readily identify where standard recommendations might need to be ignored or amended.

Topside exists to solve this problem. We have the knowledge and tools to offer consultation on new designs and overhauls to existing installations.

Our promise is to conduct thorough, contextual investigations to see if we can add value. If we can, we’ll provide detailed explanations of our suggestions and the expected return‐on‐investment.

(For specific examples of help Topside has offered, see their case‐stories.)

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Was your roof designed for northern conditions? Many never were. That's costly. We conduct roof-life assessments that, if done early, can save a fortune.


We use our experience to help owners choose the best possible design elements to match their budget, climatic conditions, and structural needs.

Project Management

We can oversee all roof-related duties on construction or renovation projects, ensuring best materials, methods, and overall costs.